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Friday, November 19, 2004

Dhruva Taare songs - Childhood nostalgia from 1985

Just played the songs of Dhruva taare on our intenet radio..
Songs: Aa mODa baanalli, O nalle savi nuDiya KEli, aa rathiye dharegiLidante

brought back sweet memories of the time i heard them for the first time

the year - 1985 , me in 5th standard (class/grade)

As far as my memory goes..that was the first time i guess..we enjoyed upendra kumar's music and songs so much !!
(Upendra Kumar is the music director of Dhruva taare and also for many dr.raj movies since late 70s)
Dad got home the audio tape and those 3 songs.. were being played non-stop in our house..

we as kids.. remember fighting over who gets to keep which song..
like i and my elder bro keep aa mODa baanalli tElaaDutaa..
my younger bro gets nyaayavelli aDagide
mom - O nalle savinuDiya hEli
and dad gets aa rathiye dharegiLidante

we had gone to watch the movie - first day - first show in saagar theater in K.G.Road, Bangalore
dad surprised us.. we were originally supposed to watch "giraftar" Amitabh/Rajanikanth/Kamal starrer
since watching a dr.raj movie on first day was very very tough (it will be even today, if he acts :)
my close-friend shashi and his family had come too (Shashidhara is my buddy since 1979 - Kindergarten days).
we were discussing abt this in school itself, that both our families would be goin to watch separate movies on the same

evening, at theaters in same neighbourhood.
Shashi and his folks were surprised to see us seated in the back-most row in balcony, that theater had the weirdest

seating.. ppl who buy tickets in the end get to sit in the back row :) guess they had seats for the row - A
and we asked them to go to the front-most row :))

It sounds funny now.. but very nice to recollect nostalgic memories of childhood.