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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Shruthi- a.k.a Priyadarshini

Some lesser known trivia on Shruthi from "nenapinangaLa".

Shruthi acted in a couple of movies before her first big hit movie "Shruthi" (1990 release)
aagle avaLa hesaru shruthi anta aagiddu.
before that she was known by her real name as "Priyadarshini".

Debut movie: tangi role in the out-and-out comedy aasegobba meesegobba. ok ok role, go with the crowd types..

adaad mEle.. Balraaj jothe ondu movie yalli maaDidLu - "Nambidre Nambi bittare biDi" antha movie hesaru..

swalpa trivia on Balraaj:
Anand nalli Shivaraj kumar jothe debut maaDida shivu's cousin(s/o Dr.Raj's younger sister). comedy chennage maaDtidda.. full fledged hero aagi 2-3 movies nalli maaDidda.. didn't click. Married the sister of Prakash (dir: of Kushi, Rishi), eega TV serial nalli kaaniskotidaane i guess.

this movie with Balraaj swalpa different aagittu. This had srinvasa murthy in a very good role - jYothishi yaagi sogasaagi abhinaysiddaru. SMurthy will have a daugher.. and eno challenge maaDtaane.. grahabala da bagge.. avanige avaLa jothele maduve aagutte etc etc.. antha.. balraaj shruthi ge line hodeetirtaane.. konege eneno aagutte.. :D
I am not sure there will be many who would have seen that movie..

paapa.. I remember the hyper-critic tabloid "Lankesh Patrike" write in bold letters in a review - "nODidre nODi biTTare biDi" !

one good thing i can definitely remember is it had a K.S.Na poem . This movie was released 3-4 years before mysoru mallige.. not many poems were used at that time.. so it was refreshing to hear that song..
NaviloorinoLagella neene balu cheluve, adake namageega naaLeye maduve - Balraaj stage mele haaDtirtaane and shruthi (oops - Priyadarshini) is shown taking pics.. guess she will be covering for a TV program or something.

Oh yeah the same year.. "Sudha magazine's yugaadi or deepavali visheshaanka" carried the pic of this "Priyadarshini" holding a lamp.

These were the times when the ***** Anjali before being infamous as ***** in tarle nan maga., was making statements like "naaneke anjali" (why should i fear to ....).. fresh out of anantana avaantara u see... ;)
Idyaake nenapaaytu andare.. the same "visheshaanka" carried an article on her..

ooo this was loong long back.. me was in 10th std.
btw, Shruthi when she debuted was in 9th std i guess..
i remember talkin in school that eno namginta chikkavrella heroines aagtaare etc etc antaa..

Ooof... that was a whole lot from nenapinangaLa...
more when time comes...